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A Beautiful Monster…

Very few people are living an abundant life; instead we live with Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Doubt and very little Faith (not to mention we worry about Everything!). We wake up and live the same day over and over again for years! Most of us complain about money, our jobs, spouse, kids, life in general, etc. and do absolutely nothing about it! We are unhappy! And because we have been unhappy for so long, we don’t even realize that we have become comfortable in our uncomfortableness.


So… you may be wondering, what does it mean to “Live an Abundant Life”? Most of us would hear the word “abundance or rich” and think about money. However, over the years I have come to understand that Abundance has little to do with money and being Rich doesn’t always mean having material possessions! Life is so much deeper than that! I found peace in (what I thought) was the worst of times. My finances were completely exhausted. I was BROKE, lost and confused… I had nothing to give! Yet, even at the very bottom and at my worse, God showed me how to find Peace and Joy in all things! I suffered through a lot of tough seasons. BUT, the result of my experience, was Peace that is undisturbed and Joy that is not attached to the cares of the world. And for that reason I would do it all over again! When you can claim Joy and Peace in your life, then you have stepped into Abundance!

Work in Progress

I am and always will be a “work in progress” but each day I become better and stronger! Each season I learn more and more and if for no other reason but to share these wonderful experiences with each of you! I started this blog through obedience. It is my purpose to share all the wonderful and scary things I have learned, will learn and presently coming to understand, about this Beautiful Monster we call Life!  I pray you will enjoy this journey as much as I do!

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