The Trick is…Never Give Up! How I Learned To Win!

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The Trick Is…Never Give Up!

I know some days it feels like the walls are closing in and it seems there is no way out. Unfortunately, those days are usually followed by more days that feel the exact same way! Next anxiety, depression and fear slowly creep in, filling your mind with Doubt and Pity. Then self-sabotage kicks in and you start to wonder  “will I ever overcome this?” Well you’re not alone!! No doubt the most accomplished individual has to fight back fear from time to time. But the trick is, Never Ever Give Up!!

Fear Is Only As Real As You Make It!

I can promise you there is nothing on the other side of Fear but Freedom! What exactly does that mean??? Well let’s take a look at fear and how it affects our lives. For example; our fears can keep us from even ATTEMPTING to make any type of change in our lives! Unfortunately, we are afraid of what’s on the other side of the unknown. We are comfortable with the “Uncomfortable Life” that we have become accustomed to living. Even though, that life always finds a way to attract unhealthy relationships, heartache, anxiety, doubt, depression, brokenness and fear. It is the same life that leave Dreams on the table and Visions that will never unfold! The life that keeps you from achieving and reaching Your Full Potential! It teaches us to fear even putting ourselves out there to explore what our potentials are!!! Let me say this, Life is NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT, you have to get involved! If I hear one more person say “I hope things get better” while doing Absolutely Nothing to make it better, I might scream! My mom use to say “Wish in one hand and Sh*& in the other and see which one fills up first”. I know, I know, but it is as real talk as it gets!

You Have The Power!

Speaking of Real Talk, let me send you this message and I pray it gets deep down in your spirit…YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS!!! You have strength that you haven’t even taped into, characteristics that would set your world on fire, intelligence that would blow your mind and abilities that can Change This World!!! So how do you access these capabilities…by Believing!!! You have a choice every day, you can either believe your Fears, that tell you it’s impossible, a waste of time, it will never happen, your too old to start over, etc. OR you can choose to believe that You Are Capable of Doing All Things Thru Christ That Strengthens You…YES YOU!!!

Your Environment Speaks…

When I hear people talk about God it usually involves how much they trust God. On the other hand,  in the same conversation they manage to reveal how much they actually Don’t Trust GOD by Doubting His Works!! Listen I have been there done that! I questioned EVERYTHING and didn’t believe Anything! A woman of little faith, I believed only in myself! However, my belief in myself was no bigger or stronger than the small town I grew up in. What does that mean??? That means, everything I thought I was capable of accomplishing was no greater than all the people I spent my entire life watching! My environment chose who I would become! It spoke to me and said “little girl, you can not outgrow me!” It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I stopped listening to that lie and starting living my life on My Own Terms! And what a difference it has made for me!

It’s Not Always About The Benjamins!!!

Some people may think it’s all about chasing money. First and foremost, focus on your vision and your talent and the money will show up later! Let’s not forget that money does not cure brokenness or heal pain. One of the greatest Artists of all time had more money than many of us can dream of! Yet and still Michael Jackson died craving something that money could not buy…happiness and sleep. It’s bigger than the type of Car you drive, what brand name clothes you can afford, or how much money you have in the bank. It’s about living a life of abundance filled with Peace and Joy. I am not waiting on a million dollars to show up in my bank account to say I live a life of abundance. Oh no!! I have abundance now! I understand that My Gift Will Make Room For Me and every good thing that comes with it will show up! Now that doesn’t mean I am sitting around waiting for something spectacular to happen…AHHH No! That means that I invest as much time as possible perfecting, learning and growing my vision so that my gift will have room to flourish! We have to do our part!

Free To Be Free!!!

Now let’s talk about the Freedom that lies on the other side of Fear. Its real and it’s there, waiting on you to wake up and believe. That freedom is waiting on you to discover its place in your life so that you can fly like a bird and live like a King (or Queen). You see, freedom is about believing that You Can Live A Life That You Don’t Need A Vacation From! Freedom is about understanding Your Purpose and living in that truth! It’s about discovering Your Beautiful Talented Self and allowing GOD to use you! There is No Gift Too Small or Unimportant, they all serve a purpose in this life! Freedom is not always glamorous or grand. It is the small mom and pop store owners that show up daily to serve their customers. It’s the Blogger that stays up past midnight to send her followers a positive message, the barber that opened his own shop, the college student fighting their way through Law School or the single mother who enrolled in nursing school to provide a better life for her children! It’s not always the Oprah Winfrey’s and the Tyler Perry’s, even though both of them were once in the same place as you are!

You Can Win…But You Have To Move Your Feet!!

Les Brown once said There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win.”  And, what if I told you that you could win, but you just don’t know how yet? Years ago, I absolutely did not know how to win. As a result, I knew how to give up, how to procrastinate, how to succumb to my fear of failure, and how to make choices in my life that made absolutely No Sense what so ever…but I had No Clue how to win! Therefore, what changed, why do I now have this strong belief system? Simple, I changed! I made a conscious decision to believe there was more to life that what I was experiencing. That decision grew into Faith and my Faith grew into Works and my Works started to produce Visions and my Visions started to Manifest. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a vision that was once just an idea in your head Manifest in Your Life! It makes you want to work harder and playing small is no longer an option! In conclusion, this blog was once an idea that my Husband and I would discuss here and there. Then one day I decided “Let’s Do It” and soon as I made that decision, the doors started to open to make the vision a reality! That’s how I knew I was headed in the right direction! So, ask yourself “what direction are you headed in most of all,  are you even moving at all…”

Psalm 128:2

“You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.”








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