Its My Time And I Want It Now! How to Stay Prepared For Life…

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Be Ready, Stay Ready….Life Waits For No Man.

Have you ever just felt like saying NO to life?!?!?! I mean really just sitting an entire day or week out and disappearing instead of facing reality? I have experienced those days more than I cared to. Several months ago I watched an amazing documentary by Tony Robbins (one of my 5) and it blew my mind! There were so many people in the documentary that were not prepared for life (thank goodness I wasn’t the only one!).  In the video he shared some of his daily rituals and routines. It included some pretty intense practices, like diving into cold water and a breathing exercise. Those routines really stuck with me. For months I wondered why on earth his daily routines were so intense! Then one day I realized that Perfection is a Daily Practice! It’s not something that we achieve in 30 days after reading every Self-Help book on the shelf! We get better each and every day, stronger as the journey continues! Growth is continual and life will always hand out lessons we can learn from. It is a never-ending story!  I think (and certainly not speaking on his behalf) Mr. Robbins has his daily practices to keep his Mind, Body and Spirit sharp and ready at all times! He is an amazing individual and has such a huge responsibility (just check out one of his conferences)! It takes daily practice to be that great! So instead of waiting on that day to come when you need inspiration but it is nowhere to be found, it makes sense to just Get Up and Get Ready Every Day!

Break Those Bad Habits!!!

We all have daily routines. Yes waking up and reaching for the coffee cup first thing is considered a routine (guilty). Jumping out of bed at the last minute, rushing to get ready for work and bolting out the door, is also a routine (guilty as charged!). But what impact do these routines have on our day and our lives? Do they really shape our future?  Well I can speak from experience, that rushing out the door to get to work every morning made for a very grouchy Taneca and a very difficult day! Back then I didn’t have goals, plans, dreams, etc. I was only existing but not living! I woke up each day, went to work and after 80 hours I received a check for my time. Twice a month I paid bills and about 3 days later I was BROKE!!! This routine shaped my life for YEARS!!!! It was frustrating and stressful, but after a while you get comfortable with the way things are. Sadly over time, we start to accept them as our life. Thank goodness I made the decision to WAKE UP and became Conscious of my life!!! And that is when my routine and my life changed!


I use to look for someone to look up to, to inspire me to be better and I always found them. I would fall in love with their teachings, books, writing, and speeches.  Unfortunately, after a while I would go right back to my old routine. I had some bad habits and they fought tooth and nail to stick around…but I fought even harder to rid myself of them!! It wasn’t until I started paying close attention to my own life that I realized, Life Is THE GURU!! It is the best spiritual teacher and guide that you will ever have! God Speaks Life and if you pay attention (and make it a habit) you will start to see, hear and discern All that you need on this journey! Pay close attention to your Daily Habits, they Define YOU and Your Success!

It’s My Time and I Want It Now!

Ask yourself “where do you spend most of your time each day”, “Is your time being used to invest in yourself or is it being used up on other people, places and situations that are not beneficial to your growth”.  If you find that your daily habits are not creating an environment for Success, then Change them! You have the Power and Capability to do so!  I started waking up earlier, spending 30 mins of quiet time in prayer and reading before I did anything else (except grab a cup of tea). I did this because I recognized that my time was not being spent on me. It was being spent on worrying over bills, money, relationships, jobs, family issues, etc.! By the time I finished with all those things, there was nothing left for me! I was empty. Incorporating this simple 30 minutes into my daily routine, CHANGED MY LIFE! I became focused, humbled, aware, conscious, and HUNGRY for CHANGE!!!  If morning time does not work for you, then try 30 minutes of quite time at night after everyone is asleep, so that you can focus on YOU! We have important people in our lives that depend on us but we can’t help them if we are running on fumes!!  I have a Husband, Kids, a Business and a Blog to grow AND I work 40 hours a week from home! Therefore, learn to make time for what is important! I realize that I cannot give my BEST unless I FIRST take care of ME!  We owe it to ourselves to make sure each day (or as many days as possible) we prepare ourselves for what is to come, by Being Ready and Staying Ready!

Luke 12:35 “Be dressed in readiness and keep your lamps lit”. 

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    1. Thank you for your response! I am a true believer that our Daily Habits Shape our lives! What daily habits have helped you move forward and create an environment for success?

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