I Love My Stretch Marks…Said NO ONE EVER!!!

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Love At First Bump! 

Being a mom is an absolutely wonderful experience! Even the pregnancy is amazing to witness. Watching your baby move, kick and poke out tiny feet and hands while in the womb makes you fall instantly in love. We glow when we are pregnant, we get all kinds of wonderful compliments and we feel special during that time. Carrying life is a wonderful time in a Woman’s life. It brings out all the beauty of love and instantly changes our lives! Now… let’s get to the “other side” of pregnancy… Stretch Marks (among other things)!!!

Post Baby Bod!

After the birth and all the excitement of your new little has started to calm down, we are forced to evaluate our Post-Baby Bodies. WHEW…let me be the first to say, it is NOT fun or exciting!  It’s actually a little depressing. I gained over 60lbs my first pregnancy! No one told me not to eat everything in sight and let my sweet Hubby wait on me hand and foot!  I didn’t have to lift a finger, he cooked, he cleaned, he organized…it was the BEST!!! However, while being treated like Royalty, I was steady gaining weight with an increased appetite for any and everything sweet!! On the day my sweet little bundle of boy was born, my weight was over 200lbs. Needless to say; I had some serious Stretch Marks to deal with.

Baby #2!!!

By my 2nd pregnancy I learned my lesson! I didn’t eat as many sweets and I ate smarter! I gained 20 lbs less and I carefully chose my meals. The 2nd time around God blessed us with a girl! I was so excited to have a daughter. However, I also carried my daughter different than my son. My tummy was HUGE and full of stretch marks by the time of her birth. Postpartum left me with a flabby tummy and stretch marks for days!! Once cleared by my doctor, 6 weeks after birth, I started using the cream and incorporated ItWorks Body Wraps!

Stretch Mark Cream To The Rescue!!!

I became an Independent Distributor for ITWORKS Global in 2015. The products were amazing so I recommended them to my family and friends. I was absolutely thrilled to see the Stretch Mark Cream on the shopping list. With all the weight I had gained and the abundance of stretch marks that took over my tummy, I was in desperate need of help! This was new territory for me and I needed a solution. I knew I could change my eating habits and exercise to lose the weight but what on earth was I going to do with these hideous stretch marks??

The Stretch Mark Cream created noticeable changes in my skin right away. I mainly used the cream on my tummy but also used on my face as well. The Stretch Mark Cream not only minimizes the appearance of stretch marks but it also helps with fine lines and other skin scarring while also moisturizing your skin!  It is a light weight moisturizer that helped to balance my skin tone as well. I fell in love with the product, so it was a No-Brainer when I got pregnant with my 2nd baby that I would be using the product again!

Keep It Simple…

Life is tough enough without having to worry about looking at stretch marks every time you pass the mirror in your Birthday Suit! That Post-Baby body can be a tough pill to swallow! I mean giving birth to a 7lb human baby is bound to change your physique a little (in my case A LOT!). And 22 months later I gave birth to an 8lb baby girl. So you can imagine what back to back pregnancies do to your midsection. I am all about simplifying life as much as possible. If there’s a cream that will help reduce my stretch marks, I am all for It (one less thing I have to worry about)! The Body Wraps are also a life saver! They tighten, tone and reduce the look of cellulite on ANY area from the neck down! Now tell me what “Mama” you know wouldn’t love to tighten or tone some part of her post-baby body!?! I can’t think of one…


For more information about this product or to purchase this product go to www.wrapitliketaneca.com or simply click the “Learn More” button from the home page. Please be advised that I am an Independent Distributor of ItWorks Global and will receive a profit from any product sold. I am also a Product of the Product, meaning I give personal testimony of the products I use.

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