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Life With Passion…

Imagine waking up in the morning after hitting the snooze button a few times.  Hesitantly you  get out of bed; get dressed, grab your lunch and out the door you go! Almost immediately you get stuck in morning traffic! Ugh…you say to yourself. The thought of walking through the door of that boring and unfulfilling job you have been stuck with for years, makes you cringe! This is what Passion IS NOT! You don’t have to be Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey to win with your passion; you just need to be dedicated to it!

Passion…Wake up!

Passion is strong emotion, almost like a conviction! It drives you!  Passion will wake you up before the crack of dawn and keep you up way past midnight! It is something that you would do for free! Yes, your passion would drive you to do it for free! It is something that you are naturally “good at”. You could be a phenomenal  listener or a brilliant writer. Some people are passionate about helping others, traveling the world, healing the sick, or maybe they are great at creating things. But most importantly, there are so many natural raw talents that so many of us possess but have not tapped into! As a result, the problem usually lies in discovering just what that passion is. So here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you get closer to understanding your passion:

What Drives Me?

Now don’t confuse this with a hobby. A hobby is singing in the shower, playing video games or dancing at your family reunion. A hobby is something you CAN live without. However passion, on the other hand,  is something you absolutely MUST do in order to experience fulfillment. Therefore, think of laughter, some people are just naturally funny. However, even though making people laugh may come natural to them, it does not DRIVE them. As a result, they are usually the life of the party and fun to be around, but usually do not purse a career in comedy. Yet, Steve Harvey, for example seems passionate about making people laugh and it DRIVES him! It drove him right into a successful career as a comedian.

Would You Do It For Free?

Passion is something that you would do for free! Why? Because you are passionate about it! Now, free doesn’t necessarily mean going to work for someone else and not get paid. Of course not, it simply means you would do it just for the enjoyment of it. For example, I absolutely love motivating people! Over the years, I have spent countless hours on the phone with friends and family trying to convince them that ANYTHING they set their minds to is Possible! My phone could ring at 2am and on the other end could be someone that needs motivation, a pep talk, advice, or just a listening ear and I would absolutely be ready to talk! So, before I invested money in a fancy (but not so fancy) education in Psychology, I was already doing the work for free!

Are You Willing To Go For It?

Passion is like talent and everyone has some kind of talent that is unique to them. However, the problem, is not everyone is willing to sacrifice for their talent. Instead, we would rather live practical lives than passionate lives. We get practical jobs, drive practical cars, pay our practical bills and day after day make practical decisions on how to live practical lives. As a result, we lack passion. It has been replaced with Fear and Doubt. We tell ourselves it won’t work, it’s impossible, it’s not for me, I don’t know where to start, we are afraid to fail, we listen to other people’s opinion, etc.… and the list goes on. In conclusion, your passion will take hard work, determination, and dedication. And if you are not willing to sacrifice your precious time (that is usually spent in front of the TV anyway) then you don’t have passion, you have dreams that will never come to reality. Sometimes you have to invest in yourself and Jump. That’s right, Jump into your passion!

Thank you for your time and wonderful energy, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a comment; I look forward to conversing with you!


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