I Am David…And Life Is Goliath!! How To Rely On Faith During Tough Times!

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David Vs Goliath

This morning while enjoying my quiet time/ bible study at home, David Vs Goliath came to my attention. Spending the morning in prayer and study is one of my favorite routines of the day! It gives me a chance to focus, pray and start my day off in a positive direction. Its the best way to spend a quiet morning before my family/ squad wakes up!

Talk About A Challenge!

David Vs Goliath is one of the most famous stories in the bible. It’s a wonderful tale of how a young man defeated a Giant with a sling shot. Amazing, right?!? I think for the most part we all remember the story for the incredible size difference between David and his opponent Goliath. David a regular sized human being and Goliath standing at 9 ft., 9 in tall (1 Samuel 17:4)!! What a battle! Goliath challenged all of David’s people but no one was brave enough to stand up to him. However when David got word of this Giant challenging someone to a battle, he immediately accepted the challenge!

Who Was David?

David was the youngest of 8 of Jesse sons. He was described as having “beautiful eyes and a healthy handsome appearance” (1 Samuel 16:12). There was nothing “special” about David. During the time when the Philistines were challenging the Israelite’s, David was sent to Saul (the appointed King) to help settle the evil spirit that was haunting him. Goliath (a Philistine) all but promised there was no one that could defeat him! However if there was one, then the Philistines would surrender to the Israelites. So here comes David, a handsome young man who tends his father’s sheep  to challenge this giant! Oh but David was so much more than what could be seen with the naked eye!

Arrogant Little David!?!

When David’s older brother saw that David was interested in what the Giant had proposed he called him “arrogant and evil” (1 Samuel 17:28). Davids older brother didn’t understand that David was not arrogant, David had Faith! David told Saul he would fight the Philistine and win! When the King heard this he immediately told David he could not win! The nerve of this tiny human, actually believing that he can defeat this insanely strong giant whose armor alone weighed more than him! I can only image the King must have thought David was crazy!

What The Eye Can’t See, God Does…

What the King, David’s brothers and everyone else witnessing this did not know, is that David spent many years tending to his father’s sheep. While tending to his father’s sheep David said “Whenever a Lion or Bear came and carried off a lamb from the flock, I went after it, struck it down and rescued the lamb from its mouth. If it reared up against me, I would grab it by its fur, strike it down and kill it” (1 Samuel: 17: 34-35). When I read this I said to myself “AHHH HAAA”!!! David isn’t afraid of this giant because he has been fighting battles far more fierce than this one his entire life! He told the King “The LORD who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:37). David was not arrogant, he didn’t take credit for defeating the lions, and he knew where his help came from! David was relying on God to defeat the Giant, not his own skills! So when this Giant who frightened everyone else into submission came along, David relied on his Faith and his Trust in God to see him through (praise break)!! Everyone else saw a Giant but David (who never referred to him as a Giant) saw a Philistine and nothing more. WOW!!!

God’s Word Will Never Fail

How different would life be if we relied on God’s Word when challenges came our way? I mean David was smart enough to understand that Goliath was nothing more than another chance for God to show His faithfulness! David had beat Goliath a thousand times already, every time he faced a lion in the wilderness he was defeating the giant! So when the time came to slay the giant, he did it with confidence not arrogance.

From The Paw Of The Lion…

How many times have we faced the same issues over and over in our lives? The same pain, hurt, anxiety, depression, and brokenness that just keeps on haunting us. How many times have we defeated that pain or overcome that brokenness only to have to face it again later in life? And when we do, we face it with fear and anxiety. What we don’t realize is that we have Already Defeated It Once and Can Do It Again! I’ve learned that life has a funny way of preparing us for what is to come. I doubt that while fighting off lions in the field that David knew someday he would face a giant. However, life was preparing him anyway! How many times have you had to face a terrible situation that you thought was going to break you, but instead it made you stronger? I’ve had to learn so many things the hard way. Going through the same tough situations over and over, year after year was insanely humbling for me! What I didn’t realize was that life was preparing me and making me stronger, not trying to break me! Understand, that every situation that comes your way was not designed to break you; instead it is there to prepare you! So embrace the challenge, learn from it, seek God in it and your life will never be the same! Be like David the next time adversity comes your way and remember “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine” (1 Samuel: 17:37).

Hope you enjoyed, I know I did! Feel free to comment, I look forward to conversing with you!


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    1. Good day!! I am so glad you enjoyed the read! David vs Goliath is one of my favorites!! Sometimes if we face our challenges with Courage and Confidence, we can overcome them! What ways has your Faith helped you get through difficult times?
      Thanks again!

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