Happy New Year…Happy New You!

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Happy New Year!!!!

Let the celebration begin! It’s a New Year and quite possibly a New You! I hear so many people saying “this year will be better!” or “2017 will be my year!” So how do we make 2017 “our year” and how do we get the best out of this exciting New Year??? Motivation, Action and Persistence!


Well before we dive into 2017, let’s recap 2016 It was one tough year! My family and I suffered financial setbacks, first time parenting issues, baby blues, starting businesses that did not profit right away, unemployment, etc.  It felt like we were being tried and tested over and over again!! It was exhausting, but we held onto Gods word and refused to let go! Even when our situation looked the complete opposite of what we knew God had promised, we still held on to the Word! We encouraged each other and I cried on many occasions. Thankfully my Husband was there to remind me that it would make sense sooner or later. And guess what guys…It did! This blog was birth through our many trials and tribulations that I will share with you.  The thought of blogging or becoming a blogger had never crossed my mind. But when GOD tells you to move…you move! So after watching every single door slam shut in our face over and over again…We now realize it was just Gods way of taking over and leading the way.


So how do we keep the momentum going and make 2017 a better year? As I mentioned earlier, I know dozens of people that are hoping that 2017 is a much better year for them. They want financial stability, better jobs, they want to go back to school, meet their soulmate, a new home, more peace, more joy and so many other things to happen this year. They are tired of being sick and tired and want to experience life on a whole new level! BUT they have no clue where or how to start! I am here to tell you that “lack of direction” can kill a dream faster than anything (except fear)! And you will need a lot more than just “HOPE” to make this year different from all the rest. It is easy to become overwhelmed by wondering how to get from A to Z. Here are a few tips on how to get the Best out of YOUR 2017!!!

Plan Ahead!

Let me emphasize that Every Goal needs a Plan! Think of it as your road map, without it you would be lost! Take some time to sit down and write out exactly what it is you want to change this year. Be specific! If you want a job paying a certain income then write that down! If you want to relocate to a different city, start a business, etc,…Bottom line…WRITE IT DOWN; get it in your Soul that You CAN DO IT!

Break It Down

After you have your goal, your next step would be to break it down…and I mean ALL the way down. Save yourself the headache of trying to figure out how to go from 0 to 100 in a day! It’s not possible!! What may appear to be “overnight success” is actually years of hard work! Instead, try  to approach personal goals as if there are steps that have to be taken before you can reach the top. For example; when I decided to start a business I knew my first step was to create a business name (step one). Step two was registering that name with the State I live in. Step three was obtaining a tax-id…and so forth (you get the picture). I approached the goal step-by-step. You have to be Patient with Yourself and your Goal (everything takes time, so relax); it will not happen in a day! Fast forward to now, I am finally in the stage where my business makes money. But as you can see, it took a lot of small steps to get to that point.

Procrastination Kills!!!

Your worst enemy will be procrastination! I am or should I say “I was” the worse person when it came to getting stuff done! I would wait till the last minute and then do a half-ass job. Under-performer was my name, ONLY because I procrastinated and did not plan! I wasted so much time over the years, precious time that could have been put to good use. I have learned how important it is to get things done as soon as possible! Nothing will motivate you more than ACTION! Action breeds success because if you are putting in work and acting on your goal then you WILL see results! Don’t mistake taking action with doing 10 million things in a day. Taking action could be taking Step 1 and completing whatever Step 1 requires. Bottom line: You have to get Motivated and take Action!

Believe You Can Achieve!

It sounds corny but it is the foundation to your success! If you do not think you can achieve it, then you most certainly will NOT. Your belief system drives you! So if your belief system is telling you that you are wasting your time, then your actions will follow suit! Don’t be a victim to your fears and let your dream float away from you! I am telling you from EXPERIENCE that ANYTHING you Believe you can Achieve, you CAN and eventually Will!!! Now I didn’t say it would be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it! There is nothing more satisfying than chasing your dream and then watching it manifest in your life! Now go out there and gets what’s YOURS!!!!!


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