Hair Vitamins Do They Really Work?

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The hair industry is a booming business!! Taking supplements to increase the growth of your hair and nails while giving your skin a healthy glow, is what we all want. Long luscious locks and healthy beautiful skin is definitely in! We want to be beautiful!!  There are many companies that promise their buyers longer hair, smoother skin and healthy nails but I have personally tried one in particular; ItWorks! Hair Skin and Nails.

No Thanks!

I was never a fan of supplements for my hair. It was my belief, that if I maintained my hair in a healthy manor  it would grow naturally… and it did. I maintained my hair with products that seemed to compliment my hair type (type 4 somewhere between b&c) and it grew well over the years. Then I had a baby, suffered from baby blues, neglected my hair and this resulted in a lot of hair loss. And that is how I was introduced to the product.

Then Life Happened…

My Doctor warned me of the possibility that my hair may start to thin out after I gave birth. As a matter of fact, lots of women suffer from hair loss after having a child. During the pregnancy our hair often takes on the appearance of becoming “thicker”. So imagine the shock when it starts to shed months later.  I was so busy being a first time Mom and new Wife that I honestly didn’t put much thought into it. As a matter of fact, I barely had time to care for my hair anymore. I was too busy being a mom (sound familiar?). Shortly after I stopped breast feeding I noticed my hair would come out in clumps when combed through it. One day I was sitting at my vanity and I noticed a section of my hair was now BALD! I asked my husband was I going crazy or was my hair really starting to look bald in the front. And he reluctantly confirmed my fears….my hair was falling out!!! The more I combed through it, the more I realized it was thinning out. The thought of going from a thick head of hair to thinning hair, scared the crap out of me. I wanted my hair back!!

I Gave It A Try!

After realizing that my hair was noticeable thinner, I knew I had to take more drastic measures to get my hair healthy again. That is when I decided to take the Hair Skin Nail Vitamins by ItWorks! I took the supplement for several months and yes my hair did grow back. It has finally returned to its usual thick tresses. I also maintained a (semi) healthy diet and drank plenty of water. ItWorks Global uses a blend of essential vitamins, minerals and plant based nutrients to support healthy hair, skin and nail growth. These include Vitamin C, B and the popular vitamin, Biotin.

Drink Your Water!

Please be advised that when taking supplements it is important to drink plenty of water. Drinking water increases the effectiveness. You cannot take a hair vitamin pill and then chug down a Super-Sized Soda. Taking vitamins require you to maintain a healthy diet (or as healthy as can be), good eating habits and plenty of water (and a little exercise won’t hurt).  Being conscious of what you consume, creating good eating habits, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water never hurt anyone!


For more information about this product or to purchase this product go to or simply click the “Learn More” button from the home page. Please be advised that I am an Independent Distributor of ItWorks Global and will receive a profit from any product sold. I am also a Product of the Product, meaning I give personal testimony of the products I use.

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