Change Comes By Force…How Life Pushed Me In The Right Direction!

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Your Island Awaits You…

Imagine flipping thru a magazine and seeing a picture of a beautiful clear blue ocean, white sand beach and an amazing resort somewhere in the Caribbean. On the advertisement the resort list all these wonderful amenities, outdoor pool, spa, ocean front access, amazing cuisines, refreshing beverages, etc. And you just can’t resist. This amazing picture has you itching for a vacation! So you book the vacation and months later you are on your way to see this amazing picture in a magazine!  You arrive at the resort and it takes your breath away! The picture did not do this beautiful island justice! The ocean is amazing, the sand is now between your toes, the temperature is just right; the food makes your mouth water! The entire view of the island makes you fall in love and never want to leave! Now you realize how much you would have missed if you would not have made the decision to visit the island in person!

Flip It! 

Now let’s take this scenario and flip it! Let’s say the island represents a life choice that you have been contemplating. Maybe it’s to relocate to a different city, apply for another job, start a business, end or begin a relationship, etc. Whatever the life decision is, it is something that you have been weighing on and have not made a decision yet. The move to another city sounds exciting and the fresh start could be great but you are still unsure. Changing jobs is something you have always wanted to do, but your fear of the unknown has kept you from applying anywhere else. So instead of making a decision, you sit and you wait. You allow doubt and fear to speak for you saying “is a move really necessary, what if I don’t like the new city… then what??…Or, “even though I don’t like my current job, I have been here forever so I might as well stick around”. As a result, you never go after the new job, never relocate to the new city, you stay in the unhealthy relationship and that business you have been thinking about never even gets off the ground! Self-sabotage has won, procrastination has taken over and years pass by while you refuse to make a decision about your “island”.

Life Is Not A Spectator Sport!

Listen, I have said it before and I will say it again LIFE IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT!! It requires your Involvement! You have to make decisions on a daily basis about your life! And believe it or not, deciding NOT to make a Decision IS a Decision! I can never get back all the years and time I spent starring at the other side of my choices. Time wasted, wondering if I should act on my thoughts and make changes in my life or not. I wanted the change, I wanted it bad…but I didn’t have the guts to do anything about it! As a result, I lived the same ole story, same ole life, year after year!  My finances were a mess, money was ALWAYS FUNNY, relationships were even worse, my career was on PAUSE and I just kept on partying like nothing was wrong! Yes…I was a mess and didn’t even know it!

Change Comes By Force!

I had so many ideas in my head, businesses that I wanted to start, so many ways I wanted to help people heal (and wasn’t even capable of healing myself at the time…smh), new cities I wanted to relocate to, jobs that I wanted to apply for, and the list goes on. But I never did anything about any of it, except stare at it. Then life did what it sometimes will do…PUSH YOU! It will FORCE YOU to make a move! This FORCE usually comes in the form of losing your job, getting evicted, finding out that your other half is unfaithful, or any type of unexpected event that leaves you no choice but to change directions! Well my change of direction came in many forms but the most significant one was losing my job. This job that I actually disliked, was my only source of income at the time so I was devastated in the beginning. It’s scary to wake up one day and no longer have employment, to no longer have that spoon fed lifestyle holding you up.  I felt like GOD and the Universe said OK she has been staring at the other side of this mountain LONG ENOUGH, now We are going to intervene and force her to start CLIMBING up the Mountain so she can see what’s in store for her on the other side”.  And by force is how my change came about!

So Many Questions… 

After losing my job I had no choice but to make a decision about my life. Was I going to stay in my hometown for the rest of my life, where would I live, what job was I going to look for, how would I support myself, what about my college education, etc?? Tons of questions swam around in my head  because now I didn’t have the luxury of my “comfort zone” and I was being forced to make decisions. Long story short I decided to relocate and start over. This was not an easy decision to make. I was leaving a place of Comfort and Familiarity for the Unknown and I was doing it alone!

Small Minds Think Alike…

After I moved to the new city and got settled in, I met some wonderful people. People who once again forced me to think outside the box and make moves! They were Small Business owners, Network Marketers, 6 Figure a Month Earning individuals that were not impressed with small minds. They were all about stretching people to surpass any limitations they had set on themselves. And I  Immediately gravitated toward this new way of thinking! Most of all, I didn’t want to “Play it Small” anymore, I had spent my entire life underestimating myself. And It was time to WIN!!!

Gods House…Gods Word!

After my initial “Jump”, as Steve Harvey often refers to it, life just got BETTER!!! And I started taking control of my life! I divorced Procrastination, broke up with Fear, gave Doubt an Eviction Notice and made ACTION my New Life Partner!! As a result my determination to WIN grows stronger every day! There is NOTHING more satisfying than Believing in Yourself and knowing that GOD’s Word for you will NEVER fail!! See, I learned that Doubt, Fear, Uncertainty, Self Sabotage, etc. CAN NOT DWELL IN THE SAME HOUSE AS GOD! So if your “house” aka YOU are filled with these things then you have not left ANY ROOM for GOD’S WORD to FLOURISH! I will say it again IF YOU ARE FILLED WITH DOUBT, FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, SELF SABOTAGE…THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE ROOM FOR GODS WORD TO FLOURISH IN YOU! My advice…just let all that stuff go and put your trust where it belongs. It makes the Journey so much more enjoyable!

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power love, and sound judgment.

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