The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth…


Well let me introduce myself by saying that I am an imperfect, impatient, quick to anger hot mess some days (I'm joking…OK not really) BUT…I am also kind, fearless and incredibly passionate about life! Sounds good right?? Well I wasn’t always so sure of myself and life wasn’t always so sweet…

Several years ago I was lying on my living room floor crying my eyes out! I had recently lost my job, had no income, I was days away from being evicted, my personal life was a mess and I was too ashamed to tell anyone what I was going through. I was broken and had no idea how to put my life back together. Collection agencies were calling me every day, my credit was SHOT and I always had more Bills than Money!! I couldn’t understand how on earth I always ended up coming up short. I went to work every day and I wasn’t a big spender but somehow my money just never really added up! So that night on my living room floor, I got tired of just getting by and I cried my last cry over money!! I was unemployed and had about 50 Bucks in my savings account and that was hardly enough, however I knew I was “rock bottom” with nowhere else to go but up!!  

There is no pain greater than the pain you feel when you are disappointed in yourself! I mean, I had dreams and a much different picture for my life than the way it looked at the time. So how in the world did I get here? Why did I constantly feel like things were never coming together for me? Needless to say, depression set in not too long after, and it took every prayer and every ounce of strength I had to see me through the next few years of my life!

There are no short cuts in life!!! You have to work for every single thing you want in this world and it will start in your MIND!!! Your success or lack thereof will begin in your MIND!! The most important message we will ever hear is the message we tell ourselves!! Remember the story about the little engine that could??? Well the message “I think I can, I think I can” was a popular mantra embedded in our childhood and it was absolutely correct!! We have to believe that we are Capable and Worthy of achieving any of our goals in life! Changing my mindset is what took my life to the next level!

 To make a long story short, life did change for me! I took time to reevaluate my life and all my short comings! It was a painful but necessary experience. As a result, I realized there was no one to blame for the mistakes I had made, my bad decisions and even my financial mess! I was responsible for my life and so far, I had done a terrible job. I prayed and asked for guidance. I spent time reading God’s word and listening to motivators that could help me untangle the mess I had made of my life. I made the decision to let go of the past and surrender to the woman God intended me to be. I wanted to be used and serve my purpose, I was done wasting time!

As I have grown spiritually over the years, I realize the importance of my struggle. It gave me power over my words! My struggle taught me how to live with Intention and on Purpose! I lacked Direction at the low point of my life, I was a Dreamer. I watched other people’s success blossom, never really believing I could have a piece of my own success…BUT GOD! I am thankful for Every Mountain God has moved on my behalf! I am blessed for every obstacle God showed me how to overcome and appreciative of him pushing me off the ledge and showing me how to fly…

As a Wife, Mother and the Founder/Creator of I am committed to freeing as many minds as I possibly can! We have to understand that True Freedom lies within GOD’s word! We can have massive success, wealth, etc, but without a relationship with the Creator, we would be Rich and Lost! A life where our expectations are well below our capabilities is not a life at all! We don’t have to just exist and endure life, we can Enjoy It!! We can create the life we image and live it every single day! Depression, anxiety, financial instability, etc are all the result of choices we have made, but we don’t have to continue to live with them! Our minds are powerful and trust me What You Believe to Be True About Yourself, Is What Is Driving Your Life and Your Success! Open your mind and allow God to make room for your destiny! I promise that “what you are seeking, is also seeking you”.

 So join me on this amazing journey so that we may grow and accomplish together (its never too late)! Allow me to serve you, as God’s purpose for my life is much bigger than my ego. I promise to always tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth! I look forward to witnessing your growth, so feel free to reach out anytime! Thank you! 


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