Is Being “Broke” The New Normal?

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I will never be this broke again!

I am going to start this one off by asking one simple question: How many of you are tired of being broke?  Usually, when I ask the question, everyone listening will immediately raise their hands. Living life in a financial bind is one of the most difficult dilemmas any one of us will ever face. Reaching into empty pockets, declined credit cards, day dreaming about material things you see other folks enjoying is NOT NORMAL!! Let me say it again NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE NORMAL!!!

 The Trained Mind.

Many of us have been “trained” to put a limit on how successful we can be. However, we don’t realize that our minds have been programmed to believe that hype! If I asked the question “how many of you can see yourself making 100 thousand dollars a year at some point in your life” how many of you would raise your hand?  Probably quite a few, all my college educated folks with degree after degree will definitely raise their hands in agreement. After all, many of them have spent 30, 40,50 and sometimes even 100 thousand dollars on their education! Now, if I asked the question “how many of you can see yourself making Over 1 Million Dollars a Year” how many of you would raise your hands. Well, I am almost certain the majority of my College educated audience will lower their hands. WHY? Because College DOES NOT teach you how to be a Millionaire! College will teach you how to WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE and MAKE THEM RICH. As a result, you will not learn Entrepreneurship in College, the Real side to Entrepreneurship has to be Experienced!

Now, how many of you can image yourself making over 100 Million Dollars a year??? Well at this point, I will have eliminated everyone in the room, EXCEPT for that one, hungry, no limit solider that is willing to go the distance that no one else in the room is willing to go! This is the innovator who understand that You Don’t Have To Reinvent The Wheel! This individual will eat, breathe and sleep his vision into manifestation! Their minds heave been TRAINED to keep their EYES ON THE PRIZE!!

What Are The Odds…

Being a Millionaire is not an easy task, unless you were born rich! Most of us will have our work cut out of us. For instance, our Race can play a factor in the likelihood of our Millionaire Status.  According to, race plays a huge factor in the odds of our success! Asians and White Americans have more than a 20% chance of becoming a millionaire, while Hispanics and Blacks have less than a 7% chance of becoming a Millionaire in their lifetime! WOW, what a difference! However it’s not our skin that created the huge gap, it’s our belief system!

Believe What You Want!

A belief is passed down from generation to generation, including beliefs about wealth. Unfortunately, this “generational curse” is  stealing away our chance at wealth! It teaches that money is the root of all evil. However, it is the source we use to pay our mortgage, put gas in our car, food on the table, etc. As a result, we show up 5 days a week, 8 hours a day to work for this “evil”. WHY? Because we need it! Money has also feed hungry families, built community centers for at risk youth, paid for college education for less fortunate people, provided food banks with enough food to last an entire year! Money itself is not bad; it’s the person who owns it that has the potential to make it evil!

Avoid The Crowd!

Success causes some of us to feel guilty! We “dumb down” our talents to make others around us feel comfortable! We are afraid to shine because our light might put some of the folks around us, to shame!  So we blend in with the crowd and become content never achieving our goals, waking up living the same day over and over again…just like everyone else. My friend, DO NOT BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, BE THE PERSON GOD MEANT FOR YOU TO BE!

I could go on and on about wealth, training your mind, money etc but then this blog would be just too damn long. So, instead I am going to share with you a list of Common Myths About Money And Wealth:

  • Wealth Depends On Your Level Of Education

LIES, LIES and LIES!!! That may have been true once upon a time. However, today with the use of technology, social media, the internet, etc you don’t have to showcase a fancy degree to guarantee success! You just have to be willing to work hard for it! DO NOT depend on your degree to make you rich! Don’t believe me, just ask Bill Gates (college dropout), Michael Dell/Dell computers (College dropout), Steve Jobs (college dropout), John Mackey/ WholeFoods Founder (college dropout). And the list goes on and on…


  • You Have To Exchange Time For Money!

This is probably one of the “oldest tricks in the book”. Companies convince hard working individuals to trade in their precious time for money! Please understand, there will always be an opportunity to make money, however, you can not get back your time! Unfortunately, we spend 160 hours a month building someone else’s dream! As a result, we get paid for our time, pay our bills, splurge on that one thing or two and before the next pay check can reach us, WE ARE BROKE! And we do this Month After Month After Month!!! We call Entrepreneurship and Network Marketing scams!! We laugh at our Friends and Family who decide that enough is enough, and explore other ways to make a living as entrepreneurs. And we refuse to support them! The Scam Artist is your BOSS who pays you just over minimum wage and gives you 2 weeks of vacation time per year!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! In other words, out of 365 days you are ONLY ALLOWED to spend 10 uninterrupted days of quality time with your family!?! Does anyone else see a problem with this??? Moving on…


  • Only Rich People Are Rich

Ok I probably lost a few of you with that one, but, here is what I am saying. Many of us cannot fathom the idea of Being Rich. We internalize the idea that, only rich people that are already rich OR destined to be rich, will be rich. Meaning, you purposefully exclude yourself from the definition of what a “rich person” consist of.  You throw in the towel before the fight even starts! We can’t associate ourselves with Wealth because we don’t know a single person that ever “made it” or attained a massive amount of success and wealth! Everyone from our Spouse to friends, family, co-workers, all have the same story of being BROKE! So the more we listen to the “girl I don’t have money to pay my phone bill” or the “I have to wait till my next pay check” stories; we are subconsciously telling ourselves that we don’t deserve to have Wealth!  WHEW!!!! I just said a mouthful.

In conclusion

You not only deserve Wealth, but you also possess All the Necessary Skills It Will Take to Become Wealthy! You are more than capable of improving your life, reaching your goals, surpassing all the limits your surroundings and your past have placed on you! Stop listening to the lies and the stories of people that gave up on their dreams long ago, they have nothing to offer. Don’t be afraid to let some people and situations go. Cleanse your mind of everything that will steer you off path. Allow yourself to live and enjoy the Beautiful Abundant life, that was meant and created just for you!

Stay tuned for tips on how to break the habits that are costing you your wealth!

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

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