Hair Vitamins Do They Really Work?

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Does ITWORK?  The hair industry is a booming business!! Taking supplements to increase the growth of your hair and nails while giving your skin a healthy glow, is what we all want. Long luscious locks and healthy beautiful skin is definitely in! We want to be beautiful!!  There are many companies that promise their buyers […]

Life With Passion

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Life With Passion… Imagine waking up in the morning after hitting the snooze button a few times.  Hesitantly you  get out of bed; get dressed, grab your lunch and out the door you go! Almost immediately you get stuck in morning traffic! Ugh…you say to yourself. The thought of walking through the door of that […]

Happy New Year…Happy New You!

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Happy New Year!!!! Let the celebration begin! It’s a New Year and quite possibly a New You! I hear so many people saying “this year will be better!” or “2017 will be my year!” So how do we make 2017 “our year” and how do we get the best out of this exciting New Year??? […]