Life Sucks…But It Doesn’t Have to! How To Live A Life With Purpose!

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My Purpose Is Not A Fantasy!!!

When I was a kid I use to fantasize about being Oprah, famous and rich! I even developed my own talk show! My sisters and I had a radio and back then we used cassette tapes. If you hold down the record button on the radio you could record your voice onto the cassette tape (telling my age). So one day we did a talk show and I was the host. We had special guest Michael Jackson, Blossom (from the TV show) and a musical performance. I was so passionate in that moment; I don’t think I found that passion again until I was in my mid 30’s. Needless to say I didn’t turn out to be the next Oprah, nowhere near famous and light years away from being rich!  However, I did find meaningful purpose for my life!

Life Sucks…But It Doesn’t Have To! 

So let’s talk Purpose! I hear so many people complain about their lives. They are unhappy with their jobs, their financial situation, their kids, their co-workers, their bank accounts, their relationships, etc.! These people live the same day over and over year after year, engaging in the same activities weekend after weekend. They watch others on TV, Social Media and in Hollywood live these fabulous lives and only wish they could do the same. Sure every so often they attend a party, celebrate a birthday or holiday and all is well. But once those moments pass, they are left feeling unfulfilled all over again. And then they start to think life sucks! And you know what…Sometimes it does! But it doesn’t have to…

Living VS Existing…There Is A Difference

There are times when we have no clue what our purpose is.  We live lives that bring little pleasure to the journey. Spending 40+ years working a job where we feel underappreciated, overworked and most definitely underpaid! We want out of the misery, we want the better life, we want the feeling of joy, we want the life we see on television but we just don’t know how to get there! What we are searching for, is Purpose. Without purpose you began to accept the mundane existence that makes you want to scream! You wake up and you just exist…You’re not living, you are just existing! (Trust me there is a difference…been there done that)

Just Give!!!

I wish I had this super brilliant, never thought of before answer to explain what your purpose is. But the truth is it’s much simpler than we often make it. It’s impossible for anyone to tell you what YOUR purpose is. You have the burden of finding that one for yourself. I have read so many different opinions, research, etc. on purpose.  One perspective stuck out to me and it made perfect sense!  Dr. Wayne Dyer (absolutely love his work) once said “everyone’s purpose is to give”. At first I thought, oh no it has to be more complex than that! But no, it’s not…It’s really that simple!

Get Out The Box!!!

Now when you think of “giving” please don’t step back into the box that we are trying to destroy! Think bigger than just giving away things! There are tons of different ways we can give! Our talents (we all have them; some of us just buried them along the way) were designed to be given away! Some of us are artist, musicians, writers, speakers, etc. and these gifts are meant to be shared with the world! However, talents do not have to be on such a grand scale that we feel that they are not important or not worthy. Your gift could be working with children (what better gift!), working with the elderly, working with your hands fixing things, cooking, cleaning, making out a budget or simply making people smile and bringing a little joy everywhere you go! See, we all can relate to something that is unique to our individual selves.

Two Men And A Truck!

Mary Ellen Sheets…Anyone know who she is? Probably not but I bet you have heard of Two Men And A Truck! She is the founder! What started out as an afterschool job for her two sons in the 80’s, is now one of the most well-known Million dollar moving franchise in the United States! She recognized their talents early on and decided to turn it into a business. After receiving numerous requests from families needing help with moving, she expanded the after school business and purchased a $350 truck and hired 2 more movers. The rest is history! She gave her talents away! She had an entrepreneurial spirt and her boys were great movers and organizers. Their purpose was to create a smooth transition for people looking to relocate! And that is exactly what they did! Noting spectacular about that, yet she was able to turn a simple after school job for her kids into an empire!

Action, Action, Action!!!

Trust me; any one of you can step into your purpose and live a life of abundance! The only difference between us and Mary Ellen Sheets is that she put her purpose into action! It is impossible to know what your purpose is, unless you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and search for it! You won’t find it lying on the couch engulfed in your comfort zone, watching the latest episode of your favorite reality TV show. You also won’t find it in the opinions of others that are afraid to search for their own!  Ask yourself “What can I give this world that is already mine to give?”  Do you know how many Cleaning Service Franchises that started with someone that just loved to clean!?!  Or how about the millions of cook books that were produced by everyday women (and men) that prepared amazing meals for their families and decided to share! Listen to me guys, IT IS POSSIBLE and YOU CAN LIVE A LIFE OF ABUNDANCE! Your Purpose will reveal itself to you ONCE you start looking for it! So get to it!!!

Proverbs 18:16 “A gift opens doors for a man and brings him before the great”

Thank you for your wonderful energy! Stay encouraged!

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