Why I Dream So Fearlessly!!!

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Dream Big or Dream Gigantic, Is There A Difference?

Have you ever had this super brilliant idea about how you wanted to either change something in your life or head in a new direction? You got all excited about this new thing you wanted to create in your life, but by the time you told your closest family and friends the Super Brilliant Idea turned into an impossible faraway dream? Well join the club; we’ve all had a moment or two like that. It’s called doubt and it will show up just in time to turn you away from your vision.

Dream Gigantic! Dream Fearlessly!

Many years ago I worked in banking and there was a client that I enjoyed conversing with. He always had an interesting story to tell, so I always looked forward to him sharing his wisdom. He was an older gentleman and he seemed to do pretty well for himself. One day he came into my office and spoke of how he started his own company years ago. He stated NO ONE believed it was possible. Family, friends…not a soul…it was a journey he and his wife would have to take alone. Long story short, he did start the business and it was a success! He then ended his story by telling me “Don’t Dream Big, Dream Gigantic!”

Big Dreams…

At the time I had no idea there was a difference between the two. I mean, wasn’t Dreaming Big the same as Dreaming Gigantic? For many years I thought this to be true. I was already dreaming big. I wanted to finish college, buy a house, and somewhere down the line start my own practice as a Clinical Psychologist…that was big enough for me!

My plans seemed practical aka possible. The goals I had set for my life seemed realistic and would definitely pay off. Even though obtaining a degree wasn’t anything new, it would be new to me! Starting my own practice was part of my purpose…I wanted to help people heal. So after careful review I decided that I was dreaming big enough to consider them gigantic. When I shared my vision with my family and friends they agreed, sounds like a plan!

Life Always Happens…

Then my life took a slight turn. Unfortunately, I had to take some time out of school and put my degree on hold. I got fired from my job (of 8 years) and was unemployed, broke and clueless! This was not part of the plan! In the beginning it seemed like the walls were closing in on me. I was unemployed, my degree was on pause and I was broke as a joke! During that time in my life I realized how unhappy I was and how long I had been in that state. Being at the bottom forces you to take a deep close look at yourself and evaluate your life. What had I been doing all those years and why hadn’t my dreams manifested? At that point I was in my early 30’s, so I should have been much further along… right? Then I decided it was time for CHANGE!

New Places, New Faces!

I relocated to a different state and started all over. And that was when I realized there IS A DIFFERENCE between Dream Big and Dream Gigantic! In this new city I met all kinds of people that didn’t just aspire to “work for someone else” or pack their living room walls with college degree after college degree for bragging rights! These self-motivated go-getters were chasing FREEDOM! They were Small Business Owners, Network Marketers, and Six-Figure A MONTH earning individuals who most definitely knew the meaning of Dreaming Gigantic! They traveled at the drop of a dime, took vacations anytime they pleased, paid CASH for things the ordinary person would need Excellent Credit to purchase. Most importantly they were passionate about showing others how to do the same. These people weren’t celebrities and many of them didn’t even have College Degrees. They were go-getters who spent their time thinking outside the box! I wanted in!!!!

New Directions!

I have since then realized that my original plans for my life were less than gigantic, they were just practical. Awesome plans, I mean having your own practice and helping people heal is a wonderful thing! However, life took an unexpected turn and I was forced to think outside the box and find alternative ways to serve my purpose in life. Now the new direction of my Gigantic Dream will allow me to reach far more than just one person and one appointment at a time. With today’s technology I can reach thousands all at once any time of day and it won’t cost them a thing! I can work from anywhere AND I can work For Myself! I spent 15 years working for someone else and building their dream.  Its time I put that same amount of energy into My Dream!

Chasing Freedom!

Now I know the difference between Dream Big and Dream Gigantic! I now expect Miracles, I have faith that can (and has) moved Many Mountains in my life! The belief that the only limitations we witness in our lives are the ones that we create ourselves, has changed my life! I now chase Freedom! Dreams that will allow my children to experience countries and cultures that most people never even heard of. Visions that allow me to radiate motivation to each and every person I encounter, even if they are thousands of miles away. I want time on my side to spend it with my family instead of dedicating 40 hours a week to someone else’s dream. I tell myself everyday “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13) and I truly believe it.

Pray About It!

Last bit of advice…when you start to Dream Gigantic, you may not get the support or approval from people that you thought you would. They may tell you that your vision does not make sense or that it will never happen. Understand that the only person Your Vision needs to make sense to IS YOU!  Pray about it and let God and your conscious be your guide. Good luck!

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