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Motivation Is Not Magic…

Wouldn’t it be nice if motivation was magical? We could waive our magic wand, chant some positive words and (Poof!) out comes motivation! Instead, it is an ongoing process that requires hard work to maintain. We post positive affirmations on our bathroom mirrors, watch motivational speakers, chant positive words, and attend every conference. Still, some days we just can’t seem to muster up the motivation needed to push through the day.

Life Is Always Happening!!!

Sometimes life comes at us all at once. We have days were everything that could go wrong, will go wrong! Our vehicles break down (here comes the expensive repair bill), the refrigerator decides to stop working, there is a leak in the plumbing (another expensive bill), we get laid off from work unexpectedly; we bounce a check because we forgot to balance the checkbook, we come home from work to find an eviction notice on the door!!! Ugh… And these are the days when we need motivation the most. So…How do we find motivation and become inspired during these difficult times?

Practice Makes Perfect!

The one surefire way to keep motivated is to practice it daily! You have to make it part of your daily routine! You can’t wait until all hell breaks loose to start looking for motivation, it will be too late! The frustration of dealing with an unexpected issue will likely overshadow any hope of motivation. We have to work at it, constantly finding ways to remind ourselves that we are capable! Regardless of the goal, vision, or issue at hand, it will take motivation to get the ball rolling and to keep it rolling! Luckily, there are many ways to stay motivated and inspired. Here a few tips on how to continuously stay motivated and ready for life!

TOP 5!

My Husband and I have what we call our “Top 5”. These are 5 motivational speakers that we can plug into at any given moment (via internet).  We try our best to listen to at least one of their speeches, read one of their quotes or visit their website daily. Yes we both work full time jobs and we have children so our plate is full. But we make time for what we want and motivation is at the top of our list! For example, search for your favorite speaker on the internet, plug in some ear buds to your mobile device while you cook, clean or do the laundry and get that extra boost of “You Can Do It” while you work. We also skip the radio while taking a drive and instead listen to an inspiring speech. Be creative! Find different ways that you can incorporate a bit of inspiration and motivation into your life every day! Search for positive affirmations, post them to your bathroom mirror and say them out loud! Every morning when I wake up, before my feet hit the floor I say “Thank You”. These 2 words remind me to be thankful, humble and aware. This ritual teaches me that no matter what the day might bring, I can and will conquer it! I have been practicing this for years and it has changed my life!

Remember Your “Why”

The reasons why you need to stay motivated are personal and no two people will have the same answer. It is unique to each individual. Your “why”, is the reason you have the goal, vision or dream in the first place. Why are you going back to school, wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, earn extra income, find better employment, start a business, or purchase a home?? Why are you always facing the same issues over and over, why are your bills behind every month and stressing you out, why are your relationships unstable and rocky? We have to ask ourselves “what role does my thought process and how I see my future play a part in all of this”. I have a list of 50 reasons “Why”. I post this list in my home office so that I can remind myself what all the hard work is for on those difficult days. One of my reasons why, is that I don’t want to continue to let myself down. In the past, I had all these fantastic ideas that never made it out of my head. I gave up on them before they even had a chance to manifest.


You Are What You Think…

Do you believe you are worthy of having meaningful relationships? Do you think it is possible for you to earn more money in 1 month than most people earn in 1 year? Are you tired of struggling financially and want to do something to change your situation? All these questions may seem easy to answer, however our actions usually reveal how we really view our capabilities. For example, if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you would succeed then you would put forth the effort to do so. But if you knew there was no way in hell you could win, then you probably would never even attempt it. Our thoughts convince us if we are capable or not and it is all about our perception! Your thought process will either encourage you or hinder you. It is much easier to continuously feed a positive thought in your mind than it is to reverse a negative one. For example , one of my Top 5 once said that if a person is told “No You Can’t” 1 time,  then it would take 16 times of hearing “Yes You Can” to reverse the thought of believing they cannot!! Our thoughts are powerful!

Birds Of A Feather…

The saying is true “birds of a feather flock together”. At a time in your life when you are trying to accomplish “the impossible”, you need people on your team that have been there done that! Some of the best advice I have ever received was “never take advice from someone that is NOT where you want to be”. Why is that? Because if they haven’t traveled the road you are about to embark on, then they cannot give you directions!  Even worse, sometimes we reach out to friends or family for advice and they may discourage you on going after your dream! This is usually due to the fact that once upon a time they gave up on their dream or lacked the guts to go after it! They are what I call Dream Killers so beware of them in your circle. Surround yourself with as many like-minded individuals or mentors that are going to keep you encouraged and provide direction. If you don’t have anyone in your life that you can turn to then create them! There are tons of life coaches and motivational speakers online that provide information and inspiration For FREE!!! You can usually google them or search for their speeches on YouTube. So don’t let “I don’t have a role model” be your excuse to stay in a funk!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Challenged!

Some of the hardest and most important lessons I have learned ALL came in the form of a challenge. There were times in my life when I literally thought God had it out for me!!! I can laugh about it now but during those difficult times it was no laughing matter! I would pray to be strengthened in an area of my life and (BOOM!) here comes a challenge. Or I would ask God to lead me in the right direction and (BAM!) suddenly my life was being turned upside down! I had no clue that growing pains really hurt (and yes they do, so don’t be surprised). I wanted to say “Ok God, I know I asked for strength…But this isn’t what I meant” (we LOVE giving God instructions on our life, lol). So just remember that growth takes time and it was designed to challenge and strengthen you. I understand now when God sends a challenge my way, it’s because I need growth in that area. I no longer fight those challenges, but have learned to pay close attention to what that challenge is trying to teach me. Every difficult situation, mountain I had to climb, hurdle I had to jump and moment in my life that I felt was going to break me, brought me to a point where I now have power in my words! It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! We are all a work in progress so be patient and stay motivated!

My Top 5:  

Wayne Dyer

Toni Robbins

Les Brown

Lisa Nichols

Steve Harvey

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