Hope Is Not A Strategy

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Hope Is Not A Strategy…

I was sitting in my kitchen staring out the window (as I often do for inspiration) and I started thinking about all the conversations I have had over the years. I quickly realized that most of them had one thing in common; Hope.
So many times I have said to someone “I hope things get better” or they have said to me “I just hope everything works out”. We hope and we hope and we hope some more! We put so much faith in Hope. But what is it and what does it do for us?

Build Your Bridge!

Hope is a wonderful gift! It is there to keep us encouraged during difficult times. There are moments in life when all we can do is Hope, as the situation is out of our hands. It is beyond our control and we have to simply Hope for the best. However there are far more times when the situation will call for more than just Hope. There are times when we need to take action but instead we cling to hope for safety. Some situations cannot be cured with Hope and Hope alone. These situations call for us to take action to solve the problem but instead we sit and wait for Hope. Imagine a person standing at the edge of a cliff. They want to pass to the other side, but it’s a cliff so there is a huge gap that keeps them from passing. They quickly realize they will need a bridge to cross. Now all around them are resources and tools necessary for them to build a bridge. But instead of focusing on the resources that are available to them, they stand at the edge of the cliff, starring at the other side Hoping to get there one day soon….

Time Is Valuable.

I use to be that person, starring at the other side of my problems with hope that one day “things will get better”. For years I wasted time doing absolutely NOTHING about my issues. Year after year I faced some of the same issues and eventually learned to just live with them. None of them were life-threatening so I figured it would be easier to just pretend they didn’t exist than to actually face them. Besides, facing them would mean I had to face myself and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that….

I Needed Happy!

Well fast forward to now. Not only have I learned the importance of dealing with my issues but I also had to face the reality of all my shortcomings. Let me just say, this was a Hard but Necessary journey to take! I wanted to be happy with my choices and not just learn how to live with them. I needed to believe that ANYTHING I Set My Mind To, Was Possible! So over time Hope became more than just a crutch for me to stand on during difficult times. Instead it became the starting line, the beginning, the Step One but Not the final destination as it had been in the past.


Do Something About It!

Hope is a beautiful gift; it will allow you to see the sunshine during a storm or the testimony in the test. It gives people patience to deal with some of life’s most difficult situations. I truly believe it is yet another realm of God’s love and wisdom. Yet sometimes we use it as an excuse to do Nothing. Then we sit and watch our problems grow bigger and bigger as the years go by as we stand firmly on Hope and Hope alone.

Enjoyed Not Just Endured!

As great of a gift as it is, I encourage each of you to be brave and know that all you need is all around you at all times. Let hope guide you but don’t let it stall you!  During times when you have the authority to take charge, use your resources to make change happen and remember your strength! Life is such a beautiful gift, it is to be Enjoyed and not just Endured! Those issues that we dare not face, can create so much anxiety in our lives. They are always there in the back of our minds, tugging at our hearts, begging to be dealt with. We put them off year after year, refusing to make a decision. However not making a decision IS a decision. Just know, that Peace is on the other side of Hope but it will take Action to get there. Good Luck to you!

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened; do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”.  


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    1. Thank you for your response! Yes Hope is something we all have access to but rarely use it wisely. Thanks again!

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